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FaiShak is the store of choice for all your building, DIY and home improvement solutions. FaiShak is the quintessential family store focused on the customer. Our offer to customers focuses on building, DIY and home improvement solutions, but also includes additional value-added services to cater for our customers’ expectations and evolving needs. For the past 10 years our core focus has been to strengthen its strong Singapore and regional businesses, while adopting a systematic approach to expanding into adjacent areas, including geographical growth. As a major retailer, FaiShak strives to address socio-economic challenges through the supply of high-quality, affordable products. The growth and success of FaiShak is attributable to 3 basic principles, which form the cornerstone of the business: Consumer sovereignty; Doing good is good business; and maximising business efficiency.

Our Mission

We serve

With our hearts we create a great place to be

With our minds we create an excellent place to shop

Our Values

We are passionate about our customers and will fight for their rights

We care for, and respect each other

We foster personal growth and opportunity

We nurture leadership and vision, and reward innovation

We live by honesty and integrity

We support and participate in our communities

We take individual responsibility

We are all accountable

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